Online Services

1.  Statement Review :

 * You may review the statement online by utilising the system provided by MPKK as per above.


 Online Payment :

 * Payment transaction of your assessment tax may be conducted via online banking.


 OSC Online System (This system is in the process of maintenance)

* This system can be used to submit applications, references, service requests and guidelines pertaining Development Control as well as enquiries, complaints, payments and report cards regarding OSC Online.

4.  MPKK Online System

 Feedback Management System (FMS)

 * Provide feedback on any opinions, support, proposals and complaints here.


 Interactive SMS @ MPKK (Service is temporarily disrupted)

 Assessment tax bill enquiry and public complaint system applying mobiles SMS technology. Will be expanded for compound and license checking.

Sending Compliant by SMS :

  • Text MPPK ADUAN INFO ADUAN and send to 33626

Checking Assessment Tax by SMS :

  • Text MPKK ASSESSMENT ACCOUNT NO or Identity Card No. and send to 33626.