Name : Ayub Shadan Bin Abdul Rani, AMP, PPT
Position : Setiausaha Perbandaran
Tel. Number : 05-776 3199 (Office)
Mobile : 019-570 6446
Emel : ayub[at]mpkkpk[dot]gov[dot]my


The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Kuala Kangsar Maunicipal Council is the Municipal Secretary.

The role and responsibilities of the CIO are as follows​:

  1. Assisting The Mayor in carrying out duties concerning ICT Security.
  2. Determining ICT security requirements.
  3. Coordinating and managing training plans and ICT security awareness programmes such as preparation of the Kuala Kangsar Maunicipal Council ICT Security Policy as well as auditing and risk management
  4. Responsible for all matters related to the Kuala Kangsar Maunicipal Council ICT Security.