Colours Rationale



The primary colour is yellow. It is categorised as a warm colour and represents dynamicism and excellence.

Excellence as in KKMC's excellence in operating as a local authority agency in striving to achieve the vision of developing Kuala Kangsar District as a more developed district.

Yellow is also the royal colour of Malay Royalty that reflects the efficiency of KKMC‘s administration, fitting the title of ROYAL TOWN to Kuala Kangsar District.



The colour black functions as a support to the primary colour. It represents steadiness, dedication, efficiency and always prepared.

It indicates the steadiness and dedication in providing services as befitting the council's motto: ‘SERVICING THE COMMUNITY'



Blue is categorised as a refreshing colour. It is used here to balance the primary colours: yellow and black.

Blue represents knowledge and education. It matches the KKMC's wish to make Kuala Kangsar District a Knowledge Town, apart from emphasising on the residents' welfare.



The basic element of the design is made up from lines, appearance, colours and shapes. The arrangement and combination of all these basic elements made up the design.



The use of lines element in the KKMC logo is graphical. The combination of colour and contrast balance to the geometric lines gives a dynamic effect to the overall design.