It is only natural that each and every customer would expect their concerns to be given due attention and priority. Appropriate measures have already been undertaken to develop an excellent management and governance system with the adoption of modern management techniques to meet the needs of customers, in line with the aspirations of the government and supported by the sustainable Kuala Kangsar community.

The use of ICT applications has been proven to be one of the primary supporting tools to enhance the delivery system with high-quality standards and customer-friendly. Information will be provided quickly and accurately, not only for organisational use but also for the public and other parties concerned.

MPKK intends to develop Kuala Kangsar as a clean, beautiful and comfortable place to live and work in which is also competitive for investment. The aspects of cleanliness, health as well as balanced infrastructure and spiritual development are emphasised to establish a sustainable society in Kuala Kangsar. The MPKK and the people of Kuala Kangsar need an approach or method which will enable us to anticipate the future by taking into account several potential critical factors that may come into play in the future. For mutual benefits, future planning must not be ignored. In realising this wish, strong and close collaboration between MPKK and the community must be established and enhanced to determine the position and roles of each entity in Kuala Kangsar.

The President
Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council