Kuala Kangsar District Council (KKDC)  was formed on 1 January 1980 under the restructuring of Local Authorities under Local Government Act 1976, Act 171 by combining a number of Local Authorities in Kuala Kangsar District where Sungai Siput (U) was turned into a division. This resulted in a big and strong Local Authority. The Local Authorities involved are:

  • Kuala Kangsar
  • Sungai Siput
  • Padang Rengas
  • Liman Kati
  • Salak Baru
  • Jerlun
  • Manong
  • Sauk
  • Karai

In line with Section 7(1) Act 171, in July 1997, KKDC had gazetted an area of 79.94 km sq that applies all Acts adopted by KKDC.  It is an area where the residents are multi-racial.

In the year 2000 cencus, 154,048 people reside in Kuala Kangsar District. The administrative area is 204.94 km sq. The control area is 47.6% from the actual area and 57.3% is the operational area that receives the municipal services.

KKDC hopes to turn Kuala Kangsar into ‘Kuala Kangsar Beautiful and Tranquil’. Hence KKDC has formulated its aim “Resolve to create a high quality life in moving forward together to becoming a developed country in the year 2020”.

On 18 February 2004, the District Council was awarded the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council (KKMC) status.  KKMC promise to provide a better and quality service to the society as per KKMC motto: Customer First Our Commitment.