KKMC has outlined 11 Customer Charter that encompass all areas that aim to improve the quality and fulfil customers' needs. The Customer Charter is based on the following statement:

We promise to serve with full commitment and dedication to provide a service that is efficient, pleasant, honest and of quality, to make Kuala Kangsar Beautiful and Tranquil. Our promise is to :-

  • Provide daily rubbish collection services in the town centre and main roads, and thrice a week in the housing areas
  • Cut the grass twice a month in the town centre and children playground, and once a month in the housing areas.
  • Maintain the public drainage system as the following schedule:
    • Internal drains  ( Internal  )                      once a month
    • External drains ( External )                     once every 3 months
  • Approve license application within the stipulated time as follows if all conditions are satisfied:
    • - Advertisement License                        1 days
    • - Hawker License                                   1 days
    • - premise License                                   1 days
    • - Factory License                                 14 days
  • Approve building plan within the stipulated time as follows is all conditions are satisfied:
    • - Renovation / Modification                    7 days
    • - Single building plan                              1 months
    • - Skim Perumahan/Kilang                       2 months
  • Approve certificate of fitness (CF) within 14 days from the date of application that satisfy the requirements set by Technical Department.
  • Issue assessment tax bill to tax payers not later than 10 January and 10 July every year.
  • Give opportunity to property owner to dispute the set annual value and to respond to that dispute within 2 months from the receipt of the dispute letter.
  • Ensure that actions to all complaints are taken within a reasonable period of time and to give feedback within 3 days of receipt of complaint.
  • Strive to make the Municipality green and colourful by various landscaping programs and activities.
  • Strive to provide more public amenities to ensure that the residents can enjoy a fulfilling life in a well-planned township.
  • Settle payments to suppliers/contractors within a period of 10 days from the date the bill is submitted provided that documents are complete and in compliance with the financial regulations as well as the stable financial position of MPK.