Colours Rationale



The primary colour is yellow. It is categorised as a warm colour and represents dynamicism and excellence.

Excellence as in KKMC's excellence in operating as a local authority agency in striving to achieve the vision of developing Kuala Kangsar District as a more developed district.

Yellow is also the royal colour of Malay Royalty that reflects the efficiency of KKMC‘s administration, fitting the title of ROYAL TOWN to Kuala Kangsar District.



The colour black functions as a support to the primary colour. It represents steadiness, dedication, efficiency and always prepared.

It indicates the steadiness and dedication in providing services as befitting the council's motto: ‘SERVICING THE COMMUNITY'



Blue is categorised as a refreshing colour. It is used here to balance the primary colours: yellow and black.

Blue represents knowledge and education. It matches the KKMC's wish to make Kuala Kangsar District a Knowledge Town, apart from emphasising on the residents' welfare.



The basic element of the design is made up from lines, appearance, colours and shapes. The arrangement and combination of all these basic elements made up the design.



The use of lines element in the KKMC logo is graphical. The combination of colour and contrast balance to the geometric lines gives a dynamic effect to the overall design.



Appearance is of two-dimensional (2D) on a flat space. All abstract pictorials have implied meanings. Spaces to the motives which are incorporated in the new KKMC logo is to match the KKMC's current objectives and vision and at the same time promoting the attractive landmarks in Kuala Kangsar.



The basic element of the design is made up from lines, appearance, colours and shapes. The arrangement and combination of all these basic elements made up the design.


Paddy (rice) is the staple food for the local people since centuries ago and contributed to the Malay socio-economy in the past and in the future. Its contribution to the economy and its importance as the source of energy must not be ignored.


The shape of crescent moon is the basic design for the KKMC logo. It represents Islam as the religion, the ruler of the state is the Sultan, and upholding the role of religion in forming a quality better and clean lifestyle, as well as supporting the mosque image which is used as the main emblem in this MPKK logo.


To define Kuala Kangsar as a municipality that centres on education with the setting up of well-known schools, especially MCKK. A number of politicians who have served the country with dedication were from this college.


Well known as a landmark synonymous to Kuala Kangsar District. This mosque is amongst the oldest mosque in Malaysia and is said to be one of the most picturesque mosque in the world.

This image is a reference to Kuala Kangsar as a Royal Town where the ruler, the Sultan, upholds Islam. It is also one of the most popular tourist landmarks in Perak.


It is another landmark in Kuala Kangsar District. This image is to portray how KKMC always have a close and pleasant relationship with the people of Kuala Kangsar District.

The image is supported by blue water graphic to enhance the combination of all graphical emblems which are applied in the basic circle of MPKK logo.