The State of Perak originates from the water flow at the edge of Perak River from the high water mark in Ulu Belum to its estuary in Southern Melaka. From those early days, people were attracted to the distinctive features of this river and chose to travel through it while looking for a good bank to land on. They were the explorers who came and to open new lands, interacted with the aborigines until they became the people of Perak like we see today.

They traveled by sampan until they reached a stream on the left bank of Perak River. They felt that the confluence intersection of the river was appropriate, especially with the low banks, fertile land and scenic view. Coincidentally according to their computation, this river is one less than the hundredth, or known as ‘Kuala Kurang Sa' (Confluence less one). Apparently that was its original name, KUALA KURANG SA, which was then referred to as only Kuala Kangsar.

Nevertheless, Kuala Kangsar is actually a very good location, not only as a landing place, but also good for settlement, farming, and a business centre. One could continue the journey on land by walking along the river until he/she sees Gunung Pondok, which is the landmark to guide people on their way to and from Larut.

Based on these advantages we can conclude that Kuala Kangsar and its surrounding areas are old settlement areas which have been occupied by people for centuries.